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Tuition, mandatory course fees, and course materials / textbooks will now be covered for South Carolina residents enrolling in a program at York Technical College.*


  For Non-Credit Programs, the following requirements must be met:
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Complete the Online Scholarship Application at the link below
  • Provide proof of residency
  • No FAFSA required
  • Community Interest courses and courses offered through third party providers are NOT ELIGIBLE for No-Cost Tuition.

Students may browse all courses listed on the
Workforce and Economic Development website at
and look for this icon which indicates an eligible scholarship program.

***PLEASE NOTE: Any scholarship submissions for CDL programs WILL NOT be processed until you have registered with Ancora Education FIRST!

  For details on enrolling for a credit program, please visit:

  *Funding does not cover select program fees. This opportunity is available until funds are depleted.